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Halal meat is of utmost importance to us, and we ensure that all our products are processed via Sharia law. We are committed to serve the community at large with the finest Halal meat and exceptional customer service. We use only hand processed meat by Muslims to comply with Islamic laws. We help guarantee that our customers receive the best of Halal products, and are committed to the creating the number one source of Halal meat in Southern Ontario. Quality products, locally sourced with reliability of on time delivery and supply. Ontario Halal Meat Farms (OHMF) is committed to provide the most competitive rate in the market without compromising on service or quality. Close working relationships with local farmers and suppliers gives us a unique base from which to reaffirm our skill to consistently deliver quality product for value. OHMF has prioritized the formulation of close supply chain partnerships to support product availability and quality. Over 90% of our livestock are locally sourced from farms and markets where animals are fed on natural pastures have been chosen carefully, our suppliers are obsessive about animal welfare and husbandry is a priority.

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